Korg Solo Metronome MA-1
Korg Solo Metronome MA-1

Korg Solo Metronome MA-1

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The MA-1 is a compact metronome that solidly covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats and rhythm patterns. The MA-1 also shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. All beats are displayed as hollow or outlined triangle figures; as each beat plays, the icon for that beat fills in, providing immediate visual cues as to the current beat of the pattern. Plus, the MA-1 can double as a chromatic tuning aid, via its reference tones. The MA-1 features a compact body with a tilt stand and is available in two color schemes: black panel on a red body, or blue panel on a black body. With stylish Design and reliable functionality, this is an indispensible rhythm training aide for any musician.


  • Enhanced display makes it easier to practice your rhythm and phrasing
  • Choose from two types of tempo steps: pendulum steps or full steps
  • Tap Tempo function lets you quickly set the desired tempo
  • Beat display offers from 0 to 9 accented beats, plus 8 rhythm types to practice any style of music
  • Tune any instrument using the 12 step (C4 B4) chromatic reference pitch
  • Adjustable calibration setting (410 480 Hz)
  • Headphone jack with adjustable volume
  • Memory backup function and auto power-off function
  • Up to approximately 290 hours of continuous operation

Tempo range:
30 to 252/min (BPM)

Tempo settings:
Pendulum Step, Full Step, Tap Tempo

0 9 beats

Quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets (straight triplets, triplets with inner beat omitted, triplets with the third beat omitted), sixteenth notes (quadruplets, quadruplets with middle beats omitted, quadruplets with the third and fourth beats omitted).

Tempo accuracy:
+/-0.2 %

Reference pitch:
Twelve-tone equal temperament C4 B4

Calibration range:
410Hz 480Hz (1Hz steps)

Reference pitch precision:
+/-1 cent or better

Headphones jack (stereo mini jack 3.5mm / 1/8")

Dynamic speaker (Max. 0.5W, 23mm)

Power supply:
Two AAA batteries, 3V (included)

Battery Life:
Approx. 70 hours (when using zinc-carbon batteries), Approx. 290 hours (when using alkaline batteries), (tempo 120, 4 beats, and max volume)

Dimensions (W x D x H):
102 x 59 x 17 mm / 4.02 x 2.32 x 0.67 inches

71g / 2.5 oz. (including batteries)

Included Items:

Two AAA batteries for checking operation