Buffet A Clarinet Vintage R-13 Silverplated - BC1231V-2-0

Buffet A Clarinet Vintage R-13 Silverplated - BC1231V-2-0

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In creating the Vintage clarinet, Buffet Crampon especially wanted to satisfy those musicians who wish to find the same features and sound they had with their 1950's R13 clarinet.

Today the Vintage has charmed many clarinettists the world over. They choose the Vintage for its fluid, focused tone, its homogeneity in all registers, and its easy response.The Vintage clarinet has a special bore designed to provide a previously unreached level of flexibility and remarkable tuning with a warmth in all registers.

The G# / C# tone holes have been raised. The Vintage clarinet comes with both a cylindrical and a double conical barrel.

Key: A
Keywork: silverplated
Barrel: 65mm
R-13 Vintage Clarinet, A,poly-cylindrical bore, undercut holes, silver-plated adjustable thumb rest, silver plated keys, D/A and G#/C# raised tone holes, premium quality Grenadilla wood, luxurius calfskin leather double pochette case. One conical V2, 65mm barrel, and one cylindrical V, 65mm barrel