Powell Sonare 501 Series Flute

Powell Sonare 501 Series Flute

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Silver plated nickel-silver instrument body with a Powell Signature Sterling Silver headjpint which are handmade by Powell in Massachusetts, USA.

You have choices. Concert flute options include offset or in-line G, Y-arms or pointed arms, B or C foot, and split-E. Be bold and add an Aurumite® 9k rose gold lip plate to any concert
flute. Concert flutes and alto flutes are offered with nickel silver or sterling silver bodies. The alto flutes come with a straight or curved headjoint. And our pioneering Sonaré piccolos are available with stainless steel keys made in an art deco or traditional style, and in Indian Onyx or Tuscan Umber wood tones.

Headjoint and body made in USA, key assembly is done in China.


  • Body material: Nickel silver
  • Keys: Nickel silver
  • Headjoint tubing: Sterling
  • Headjoint lip/wall: Sterling
  • Headjoint style: Signature
  • Body plating: Silver
  • Key plating: Silver

Design Features:

  • Arms: Y-arms
  • Springs: Elgiloy
  • Cups: French
  • B foot option: Yes
  • Scale: Powell