Buffet Crampon Basset Horn
Buffet Crampon Basset Horn

Buffet Crampon Basset Horn

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The Buffet Crampon Basset horn in F  was adopted by great contemporary composers such as Boulez and Stockhausen, they have both written music for this instrument whose sound is balanced and luminous. The modern basset horn, designed with all of the perfected elements of the Boehm system developed by Buffet Crampon, enables clarinetists to play concertos and quintets as they were conceived and imagined by Mozart.

Key :F
Pitch :442 Hz
Body :Natural African blackwood
Neck :Adjustable
Bell :Silver plated Copper Bell
Tenons :Metal-capped
Features :Simplified Bb, Eb/Ab lever
Thumb rest :Fixed
Keywork finish :Silver plated
Keywork and mechanic :Forged keys, copper plated then silver plated
Springs :Blue steel for ease and accuracy of key movement
Pads :Leather and cork