Julian Keilwerth Soprano Saxophone - JK1300-8-0

Julian Keilwerth Soprano Saxophone - JK1300-8-0

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 In classical, jazz, blues or rock, the alto and tenor saxes emulate the human voice more than any other musical instrument. At Keilwerth, we have developed instruments for your voice. Extra large genuine mother-of-pearl keys for our finger board, adjustable palm keys, G-sharp lifting mechanism, adjustable thumb hook, exquisite engraving on the bell and bow, reusable key clamps, and a Bullet Case are standard on each saxophone. These are instruments played by some of today's finest artists.


Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#.
Body: Removable bow for easier repairs.
Pads: High quality leather with metal resonators.
Case: Bullet case.






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