Vandoren Bb  German Clarinet Ligature & Cap Leather LC25L

Vandoren Bb German Clarinet Ligature & Cap Leather LC25L

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Made of high quality genuine leather, carefully and skillfully sewn in the hand-crafted tradition, to work in complete harmony with the reed and mouthpiece.

Leather, a living material, gives an ideal combination of rigidity and flexibility. Its elasticity absorbs the higher harmonics which often cause a sound to be "bright" or "harsh". It also comes into contact with a larger surface area of the mouthpiece, creating a more focused, compact sound.

The leather ligature is supplied with a wooden support in order to help it maintain its shape when not in use.

  • Genuine leather - handcrafted finish.
  • Quick and symmetrical tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanism.
  • 3 interchangeable pressure plates to adjust the sound.
  • Round and warm sound
  • Includes leather cap.