Selmer Paris Contra Alto 40

Selmer Paris Contra Alto 40

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The Selmer Model 40 Contra Alto Clarinet is an absolutely gorgeous instrument. It starts with a Brazilian rosewood body and Boehm system keywork with 18 keys and 7 rings, an articulated G#, Eb lever, automatic octave key, leather pads, and metal resonators. The neck is silver-plated nickel silver and the bell is silver-plated brass.

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Key of Eb.

10mm bore

Range down to low Eb

Boehm system, 18 keys/7 rings Articulated G#, Eb lever

Automatic octave key

Silver-plated nickel silver neck, adjustable for tuning

Brazilian rosewood body

Silver-plated brass bell

Adjustable stand

Silver-plated nickel silver keywork

Leather pads with metal resonators

Stainless steel needle springs