Hollywoodwinds Sticky Stop Key Clamps

Hollywoodwinds Sticky Stop Key Clamps

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When was the last time you took out your saxophone to play and found that your low C# and G# keys were cemented shut by moisture introduced time last time you played? Surely we've all had that experience!

StickyStop™ for all saxophones is a Hollywoodwinds product designed to banish this problem, once and for all.

StickyStop™ holds your saxophone's G# (Sol #) and low C# (Do #) uses a simple, adjustable mechanism to hold these two troublesome keys open. Pads naturally dry in your case so they cannot stick to the tone hole. 

Because all saxophones are different, each StickyStop™ requires minor adjustment to fit an instrument. StickyStop™ is designed with flexible materials to adjust clamp tension around the saxophone's body.

StickyStop™ is designed to fit loosely around the saxophone's body, with only enough tension to keep the C# and G# keys open while not tight enough to fall off.