GHS BOOMERS Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings, Medium, (.011-.050) - 6 PACKS

GHS BOOMERS Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings, Medium, (.011-.050) - 6 PACKS

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GHS Strings continues its innovative approach to packaging with the world's first resealable guitar string package. GHS Strings Multi-Packs are sealed at the factory for freshness in a tamper proof package. The exclusive package design includes built-in zipper lock which allows the user to remove only the packs required at a given time and then reseal the package to maintain freshness. Each Electric Boomers Multi-Pack contains six complete sets of guitar strings. These packs easily fits into any case!

Introducing our brand new NitroPack singles! Each single string is sealed in a nitrogen environment, eliminating all oxygen, in a tear-resistant package. Whether you use one string or the whole set, the NitroPack guarantees straight from the factory freshness

Product details

Brand GHS Strings
String Material Type Nickel
String Gauge .011
Instrument Electric Guitar
Model: GBM-5
Featuring Resealable air-tight Fresh Pack & NitroPack singles, guaranteed fresh from the factory
Includes Six GBM Electric Guitar Boomers Sets!
Offers a brilliant tone and powerful attack, THE POWER STRING.
Medium Gauge: 011-015-018-026-036-050