Refund policy

Returns and Trials:

Weiner Music is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruments, supplies, and accessories at the best price.

We recognize that, at times, you may return merchandise to us. The following policies have been developed to assist in that process.

Our goal is to balance safety, convenience, and efficiency. Please see below for specific policies to cover returns.

We have two return policies – one for general returns and one for trials.  The Return policy is presented first, followed by the policy for Trials.



Returns of damaged goods or shipping of the wrong product (sorry, it happens sometimes) should be made within 24 hours of delivery.

Process to return items:

  • Please use a second box to return any item. Include the original manufacturer's packaging.
  • Write the order number on the outside of the box.
  • Include the original invoice # to receive a refund. Please note on the packing slip which items are being returned.
  • Insure returned package.
  • Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for returned merchandise to be processed and credited.
  • All returns must be complete, including product packaging, instructions, and all additional parts that were delivered with the item.  Missing any of these will result in a 50% restocking fee.

Fees for returns:

  • Return fees and restocking fees are $5.00 for items less than $7.00 (so it really doesn't make sense to return these) or 7% of the price of the items returned for items greater than $7.00.  The return fee will not exceed $40.00 per item. The schedule below might be easier to follow:




$7.00 or less


$7.01 - $570           


$570 and up       



  • If you return items and your order remaining items fall below $48.00 you will be responsible for initial shipping.

We want this to be simple, but we do have our limits. Please be aware of the following:

  • We cannot accept C.O.D shipments.
  • We cannot accept returns or provide refunds on open boxes of reeds, double reeds, CDs, books or music, sheet music, videos, MM1, disposable cleaning supplies.
  • Damaged Bari, Fibracell and Legere reeds must be returned directly to the manufacturer.  These are their rules, not ours!  


  • We do not perform "exchanges". We handle these as returns and then please place a new order.


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Mouthpiece and Barrel Trials

It's tough to select certain products without trying them first.

In-store trials are preferred. To ensure your safety and our availability, please call ahead for an appointment.

We are happy to ship items for trial for items in stock.  We allow up to a maximum of 6 items at a time for trials. Place your trial order in your cart along with your order.  In order for us to ship a trial product, it is necessary to charge you full price for any mouthpiece or barrel during the trial period.

In the event you chose to return your mouthpiece or barrel, we will refund the purchase price subject to the following adjustments:

  • Trials periods are 30 days, commencing on the invoice date.
  • We allow only one trial at a time. You may commence another trial 35 days after your current trial, provided any returns from your return are in house.

Refunds on trial products you chose to return are subject to the following charges:

  • Our trial products are sanitized to Covid-19 standards, utilizing ULVA equipment.  Sanitization: $7.00 per returned item
  • Trial fee: $5.00  (We will waive this fee if you purchase one of the trial items)
  • Shipping: Never refundable. Free shipping promotions will not apply to trials

We want this to work, but our ability to accept your return is up to you!

We cannot accept returns that are damaged.  We will inspect the item, to ensure it does not have any of the following problems:

  • It has teeth marks: you bite it, you buy it.  Please don't return it.
  • Ligature scratches – you wouldn't want a pre-scratched mouthpiece, would you?
  • Other surface damages – dents, dings, things like that
  • The mouthpiece is not in the original packaging.

There are easy ways to prevent the problems listed above.  Trial mouthpieces must be equipped with a mouthpiece cushion or masking tape on the beak and around the body and logo of the mouthpiece. We suggest using material ligatures such as BG or Rovner.  Please do not use transparent tape – trust us on this!

International trials will include an additional charge for any duty or shipping we incur.