A New Approach To Altissimo Trumpet Playing

A New Approach To Altissimo Trumpet Playing

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A New Approach to Altissimo Trumpet Playing
John H. Lynch

Released: 1984

Various methods have been suggested that tend to work to some extent with some players, but the process of high playing has never been extensively analyzed until now. This book, written by a person who understands both the physics and the musical aspects of high playing, is the definitive work in this area. The author has designed an exercise program that considers subtleties of playing never investigated before. These exercises incorporate many elements simultaneously to produce an optimum and extremely efficient methodology.

Some of the topics considered are:
PRESSURE - minimization techniques.
EMBOUCHURE - physics and design.
AIR FLOW - larynx relaxation and Zen technique.
LEFT HAND GRIP - designed to minimize pressure.
HORN ANGLE - effects of pivot.
PRACTICE AND WARM-UP - and optimized approach.
EQUIPMENT - mouthpieces, bore size and other equipment effects.
PSYCHOLOGY OF HIGH PLAYING - effect of attitude.
PHYSICS OF THE TRUMPET - pressure losses and energy distribution.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED EXERCISE PROGRAM - includes partial valve techniques and use of external pressure nodes beyond the bell.

Product Code: ALT
Author: John H. Lynch
Publisher: C.L. Barnhouse Company
Publisher SKU: 073-1989-24
Instrumentation: Trumpet