AKG K240 Studio Headphones
AKG K240 Studio Headphones
AKG K240 Studio Headphones

AKG K240 Studio Headphones

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These Headphones Define the Studio Standard!

Reliable, comfortable, and totally accurate, it's no wonder AKG K240 Studio headphones have been the top choice of professional engineers and musicians for over 20 years. Their unique semi-open design and highly efficient transducers provide you with extremely wide dynamic range, breathtaking detail, and phenomenal sensitivity. Whether you're in the engineer's chair or on the other side of the glass, we're sure you're going to love the sound, feel, and performance of AKG's K240 Studio headphones.

AKG K240 Studio Monitoring Headphones at a Glance:


·         Semi-open-back design gives you the best of both worlds

·         Superior sound through superior headphone technology

·         Quality construction that's built to last a lifetime


Semi-open-back design gives you the best of both worlds

When AKG created their K240 Studio headphones, they set out to strike the perfect balance between a conventional closed-back design and a high-end open-back design. The result is a pair of headphones that gives you the detailed highs and accurate lows you'd expect from an open-back design, but with the tight, closed-back style acoustical isolation you need for tracking. What's more, K240 Studio headphones let your ears breathe, so you experience next to no ear fatigue - something you'll really love the next time you have to pull an all-night mixing session.

Superior sound through superior headphone technology

We could rattle off a bunch of specs or wax poetic about the K240 Studio's Varimotion low-impedance transducers, but the fact of the matter is that AKG truly broke new ground when they engineered these amazing headphones. K240 Studio headphones sport lighter, more responsive transducers than the kind typically found in affordable models. This means K240 Studios respond clearly and loudly even to weak signals, allowing you to monitor unmastered tracks accurately, without cranking the gain. Incidentally, this same low-impedance transducer technology lets K240 Studios get the most out of your iPod or other portable music player, so they're ideal for casual listening, too.

AKG K240 Studio Monitoring Headphones Features:

·         Incredible-sounding headphones designed for mixing, tracking, and critical listening

·         Semi-open-back design provides extreme accuracy without sacrificing acoustical isolation

·         Self-adjusting headband gives you the perfect fit without sacrificing comfort

·         10' cable attaches via mini XLR jack and is easily replaceable

·         Replacement earcups are available

·         Includes gold-plated, screw-on 1/8"-1/4" plug adapter


AKG's K240 Studio headphones deliver amazing studio-quality sound!