Antoine Courtois New York Series Trombone

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For the first time in Antoine Courtois' history, both of these models are equipped with a specially designed bell with a cut screw ring flare, which enables these instruments to be transported in a deluxe flat case, hardly larger than a viola case, making them much more travel friendly. The screw ring on the bell flare also brings a more compact, focused sound with a lot of projection, which both players are particularly pleased with.

•  Key: Bb/F •  Bore: .547''/13.89mm cylindrical bore.

•  Bell: 8.46''/215mm hand-hammered one-piece yellow or gold brass bell, optional cut and fitted with a screw ring on the bell flare.

•  Slide: Brass outer slide with extrusions on the top. Nickel-silver hard chrome-plated inner slide with brass bottom bow.

•  Valve: F-attachment open wrap, Hagmann valve system with progressive bore.

•  Special features: Ergonomic left hand removable hand support.

•  Outfit: Specially designed deluxe flat case with cover and outside detachable pouch, backpack and shoulder strap, mouthpiece, slide grease, oil, and cleaning cloth