Blayman Trumpet / Flugelhorn Base

Blayman Trumpet / Flugelhorn Base

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Blayman Music, Inc., is the manufacturer of the world-renowned Blayman Musical Instrument Stands, and Blayman Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces. During his tenure with the Metropolitan Opera, Mr. Blayman created the Blayman Stand to support and protect the instruments of discriminating professional musicians. These stands have been the standard of excellence now for over 30 years.


This base is specially designed to comfortably accomodate two trumpets, flugelhorns, or a combination of both.
(Will also work with woodwind pegs)

Compatible Pegs:
(SBLFLP) Flugelhorn Peg
(SBLTPP) Trumpet Peg
(SBL1P) Bb Clarinet
(SBL2P) Eb Clarinet
(SBLAFP) Alto Flute
(SBLBFP) Bass Flute
(SBLEHP) English Horn
(SBLFP) Flute
(SBLOP) Oboe
(SBLPP) Piccolo
(SBLSP) Straight Soprano Sax