Buffet A Clarinet R-13 Greenline Silver Plated Keys BC1231G-2-0

Buffet A Clarinet R-13 Greenline Silver Plated Keys BC1231G-2-0

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Using the expertise gathered since 1825 BUFFET CRAMPON has developed a new range of clarinets. Aware of the importance of conserving the world's supply of precious wood, such as ebony, BUFFET CRAMPON created a modern and innovating material called Green Line. Green Line is the result of blending 95% of ebony powder with carbon fibres. It has the same acoustic qualities as ebony and is suited to the high demands of today's musician because of its stability in all playing environments.

The musician's point of view
Green Line is perceived as a superb and extremely reliable material. Thanks to the addition of carbon fibres, Green Line clarinets withstand admirably to variations in atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity). The risk of cracking is therefore eliminated. You will experience an ease of playing from pianissimo to forte with maximum security in all environments. Many soloists, musicians of symphonic or military Orchestras around the world have chosen to play Green line clarinets.

Green Line .. .and Crampon Buffet tradition
The Green Line clarinets benefit from the same level of finishing level as wooden clarinets with all the qualities which have built the fine reputation of BUFFET CRAMPON.

Key: A
Keywork: nickel-plated
Barrel: 66mm
R-13 Greenline clarinet, A, poly-cylindrical bore, undercut tone holes, silver plated keys, adjustable thumb rest, deluxe naugahyde covered wood shell case with plush interior, 66mm barrel.