Buffet Clarinet Eb E-11 Silver Keys - BC2301-2-0

Buffet Clarinet Eb E-11 Silver Keys - BC2301-2-0

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Composers are waiting more and more for the Eb clarinet in order to take advantage of its rich powerful tone. Buffet Crampon has developed an Eb student model in African blackwood. With a bore that allows for easy response, this "specialised" instrument can be played by all.

Your first performance"

Recommended by music teachers because of its easy response and remarkable accuracy, this clarinet helps the musician to develop his musical talent.

The E11 clarinet is available in A, Eb & C.

The E11 clarinet is made of African blackwood, which is also called M'Pingo wood. This special wood is found in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania. M'Pingo wood is known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments.

  • Pitch 442
  • African blackwood
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Silver plated
  • keywork 17 keys / 6 rings
  • Metal rings
  • Double fish skin pads
  • Pointed needle springs
  • Delivered in case, with mouthpiece, ligature and accessories

Body, Barrel, and Bell Material
Key Material
Key System
Tone Holes
Double fish skin
Pointed needle springs
case, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, and care products
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