Buffet Orfeo Professional Oboe

Buffet Orfeo Professional Oboe

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Orfeo comes to us out of a collaboration between the Buffet Crampon Research and Development team and a group comprising testers, masters and soloists from renowned international orchestras. It is the fruit of labour of a distinguished team, demanding five years of research to attain the level of excellence that was their goal.

Instrument specifications

Pitch: 440/443 Hz


- Green Line

- black tip rings

- tenons and sockets metal-lined tenon caps


- French conservatory system

- 3 octave keys, semi-automatic

- left hand F lever

- highly reliable keywork, silver-plated nickel silver

- adjustable thumb rest (new design)

- thumb plate keys may be added


- cork / GT (bottom notes)


- High Tech metallic silver and black leather


- 2 silk pull-throughs

- leather reed case (fits 3 reeds)

- cork grease

- screwdriver