Buffet RC A Clarinet Silver Plated BC1211-2-0

Buffet RC A Clarinet Silver Plated BC1211-2-0

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Developed in 1975 by the extremely talented luthier Robert Carrée, who plays an important role in the history of BUFFET CRAMPON, the RC clarinet has a pure, sweet sound. The exclusive design of the RC bore results in easy response and a homogeneity in all registers. This clarinet, which also has great stability, has won over innumerable musicians throughout Europe.

Key Bb and A

Pitch A 440 / 442/ 444

Stained choice Grenadilla wood

Bore: Upper joint Poly-cyndrical, lower joint and bell conical

17 keys and 6 rings

Eb lever optional

Stainless steel rods and pivot screws

Double fish skin pads