Buffet  Tosca A Clarinet - BC1250GL-2

Buffet Tosca A Clarinet - BC1250GL-2

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Created by the combined talents of BUFFET CRAMPON luthiers and well known artists like Michel Arrignon, Romain Guyot, Pascal Moragu s, Guy Deplus and Paul Meyer, the Tosca clarinet possesses an incomparable level of style and elegance. This clarinet from the XXIst century is the evolutionary result of most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. Unanimously musicians from all the continents found in this clarinet the answer to their ultimate musical quest.Green Line is the result of blending 95% of ebony powder with carbon fiber in a process patented by BUFFET CRAMPON. It has the same acoustic qualities as ebony and is suited to the high demands of today's musicians because of its stability in all playing environments.

Green Line Material

Pitch: 440/442 (2 barrels)

Barrel length: 66/65 mm

Silver plated keywork

Eb lever (standard)

Low F correction key

Raised C#/G# tone hole

Caps on tenons

GT and cork pads

Rods in stainless steel

Adjustable thumb rest

Instrument Characteristics:

G.T. pads : Extremely durable material, waterproof

Green Line wood: Beautiful wood and tone.

Smoothly shaped design of the new keywork : Heightened level of comfort and sensation.