Buffet Tosca A Clarinet Silver Plated BC1150L-2-0

Buffet Tosca A Clarinet Silver Plated BC1150L-2-0

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The Buffet Crampon Tosca series was created in a collaborative effort between Buffet Crampon luthiers and artists such as Michael Arrignon, Romain Guyot, Pascal Moragu s, Guy Deplus, and Paul Meyer. The result is a clarinet designed for the 21st century with incomparable style and elegance.The Tosca is the evolutionary result of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. It has a warm, velvety sound and extremely consistent intonation at either 440 or 442 Hz as it comes with two barrels. The keywork is shaped for a comfortable and a natural feel. It is made with a low F correction key to better match instruments holding down the low end of the ensemble.

Level: Artisan

Key: A

Pitch: 440/442 (2 Barrels)

Barrel, Body, and Bell Material: Premium Grenadilla

Key: Silver-plated

Barrel Size: 66mm and 65mm

Special Features s: Eb Lever, Low F correction, Raised C#/G# tone holes

Tone holes: Undercut

Pads: Gore-Tex

Includes: Case, mouthpiece, ligature, and care products Crafted In France