Conn Prodessional   Vintage One  Trumpet - 1BR

Conn Prodessional Vintage One Trumpet - 1BR

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Features: Vintage One Bb combines the best of classic C.G. Conn trumpets with a modern design. .459" (11.66mm) bore one-piece hand-hammered rose brass bell with bright lacquer finish 46 standard leadpipe two tuning slides Monel pistons patented Modular Valve Weight (MVW) system kit 1-1/2C CKB mouthpiece 7910L double case. Full warranty.


Reverse tuning

#34 Leadpipe - slightly more focus with excellent upper register

#50 Leadpipe - very open with less resistance for dark sound large bore feel

Satin finish with bright interior bell and trim

Additional MVW system weights.

Water key on third valve slide (push button or lever style)

Lyre and lyre holder

Optional gig bags and cases.