David Hite Streamline  Alto Sax Mouthpiece

David Hite Streamline Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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The balance of carefully designed and produced dimensions and facings gives HITE mouthpieces their extreme flexibility, superior intonation patterns and comfort through out the entire range of the instrument, at all dynamic levels. J&D Hite professional model mouthpieces are made of top quality hard rubber and are personally hand-finished and tested to ensure consistency and playability. Saxophonists specializing in classical music for recitals, concertos and orchestral or concert band performance need a mouthpiece which has been finished with a high degree of refinement - a mouthpiece that produces a rich sound, easy extended high range, clarity and ease in pianissimo dynamics, response in the "low D down to Bb" range, and the flexibility to play limpid musical phrases.