Denis Wick Silver Plated Steven Mead Ultra Baritone Horn Mouthpiece - DW5880B

Denis Wick Silver Plated Steven Mead Ultra Baritone Horn Mouthpiece - DW5880B

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Wick baritone mouthpieces have precise design features that result in excellent tone, comfort and all-around performance.



Product Code: DW5880B-SM4U

Baritone SM4U

Diameter: 39.6 mm
Cup Diameter: 26.0 mm
Rim Width: 6.3 mm
Bore Size: 7.4 mm
Back Bore: V-type

This mouthpiece is the largest in this series possessing a small shank, suitable for all baritone and small shank euphoniums. With a rim diameter / width and cup depth/backbore similiar to the 4 (Ultra, SM, AL) euphonium mouthpieces, this mouthpiece will be the choice of players preferring a big full sound and whose lips are accustomed to this particular wider feel.

It has the same external contour and metal distribution of the highly acclaimed Ultra euphonium mouthpieces, ensuring a clear tone allied to an ease of response and beautiful shining tone. The full range of the instrument can be played with a great full sound. Its deep cup depth makes it the obvious choice for euphonium players using this size shank and for baritone players wanting that big tone.

Product Code: DW5880B-SM5U

Baritone SM5U

Diameter: 39.3 mm
Cup Diameter: 25.7 mm
Rim Width: 6.3 mm
Bore Size: 7.2 mm
Back Bore: V-type

This baritone mouthpiece possess all the features that have been so well received by euphonium players enjoying the original Ultra series and here is the mouthpiece that surely will be highly sought after by brass band baritonists.

The general feel of this mouthpiece is of a midway size between the established SM4B and SM6B with a high degree of projection, opening up the lower register of the baritone while ensuring a fuller, bigger sound in the upper register. It is capable of great power with less effort.

Product Code: DW5880B-SM6U

Baritone SM6U

Diameter: 37.92 mm
Cup Diameter: 25.4 mm
Rim Width: 6.26 mm
Bore Size: 6.66 mm
Back Bore: V-type

The classic baritone mouthpiece over the years has been the 6BS, and the Ultra 6 takes this mouthpiece one step further. Although it will initially feel the same on the lips, it is a high performance mouthpiece that is already receiving rave reveiws from the leading baritone soloists in the country.

Although the inspiration for this was the 6BS, the cup depth is just slightly deeper, giving what many traditionalists feel is the perfect baritone sound. Its ease of playing and rich vibrant sound is sure to make a big impression. The high range is quite astonishing and will allow hours of full playing with increased stamina.

Product Code: DW5880B-SM4X

Baritone SM4X

The Ultra X Series.

The latest design from Steven Mead! A new version of the incredibly successful Ultra mouthpiece. This new design is slightly shallower with changes to the cup shape, while maintaining the same diameter and outside shape. These mouthpieces give a real boost to the high register and provide very clear focused low notes.