Gonzalez Classic Tenor Saxophone Reeds - 5 Per Box

Gonzalez Classic Tenor Saxophone Reeds - 5 Per Box

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The Classic reeds for tenor saxophone are very expressive and with an excellent tone in all registers. The musician will easily adapt to it, since it has a classic and balanced scraping. Added to this is the quality of selection and control in manufacturing that characterize Gonzalez Reeds. It has filed, which gives more elasticity

Presentation: 5 reeds box

Gonzalez Reeds is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class hand selected clarinet reeds and saxophone reeds, as well as oboe cane, english horn cane, bassoon and contrabassoon cane. All the raw materials used in our products are grown at our family plantation in "3 de Mayo" at the foot of the Andes mountains.

Since our beginnings in 1982, our mission has been to create the world’s best woodwinds reeds. Through our intense involvement and quality control at every stage from cultivation, production, manufacturing and distribution, we meet the needs of the most demanding professional musicians.

In addition to our deep commitment to the environment, we prioritize quality by choosing only the best raw material and manufacture using the latest technologies. That is why Gonzalez hand select reeds is now a brand synonymous of excellence in over 30 countries across the world.