Jody Jazz  DV Tenor Sax  Gold Plated Mouthpiece

Jody Jazz DV Tenor Sax Gold Plated Mouthpiece

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Jody Jazz
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Nature, science and imagination combine to create a revolutionary new saxophone mouthpiece. Using principles and proportions found in nature, this mouthpiece creates an effortless playing experience. The DV allows the player cleaner articulation, unbelievable altissimo and improved intonation. Perfect for the "Modern" play

What Does The DV Do?
- Bigger Fatter Tone
- Effortless Playing
- More Harmonics
- Cleaner Articulation
- Power and Projection
- Unbelievable Altissimo
- Improved Intonation

How Does The DV Do It?
- Secondary window
- Golden section proportioning
- Proprietary CNC facing technology
- Perfect radius facing curve
- Perfect reed/Tip match
- 24 kt heavy gold plating
- Hand finished baffle, tip rail and table
- Play tested by Jody Espina