Keilwerth Alto Saxophone - JK2400-5B-0

Keilwerth Alto Saxophone - JK2400-5B-0

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 The SX90R alto saxophone is the perfect marriage of the vintage sound of the 1920's and 30's to the craftsmanship and technology of the New Millenium. There is no finer saxophone available, period! In addition to all technical advantages and improvements that the SX90 offers, the model SX90R has the following special features: Tone hole edge rings brazed onto the standard tone holes. These rings extend the life of the pads. This wider seat in the pads gives greater security against leaks, resulting in a much quieter key action, softer feel, and greater emission of sound. The SX90R also comes with an F key bridge with adjusting screw to give more security against leaks in all the keys of the right hand . With these exquisite features and world class benefits, these saxophones put you in the company of the most elite artist in the world.


Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#.
Body: Removable bow for easier repairs.
Pads: High quality leather with metal resonators.
Case: Bullet case.

Model JK2400-8 shown in picture