Matrix  Metronome - MR800

Matrix Metronome - MR800

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The Matrix MR800 metronome has a very loud clave tone. The MR800 will accent beats or will give a straight click. This model does not have a volume control .

Range 40-208 beats per minute.
Light & or click- clave - wood block tone.
Accented beats on 0,2,3,4,5 & 6. A chime accents downbeat, with no accenting when set to 0.
Eight color LED's move across the metronome with the beat simulating a pendulum metronome -when in the accenting mode the first light will flash green -- all others are red.
Variable A4 tone.
Earphone is included.
Flip out metal stand.
Uses a 9 volt battery - not included.