Oleg Ligature # 27
Oleg Ligature # 27

Oleg Ligature # 27

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The revolutionary Olegature epitomizes a new level of understanding the physics of sound production on woodwind instruments today. The Olegature represents itself as probably the most valuable member of a sound-generating vibratory system (mouthpiece-reed- ligature). Given the patented material and construction design, the Olegature enhances the reed s natural vibratory modes without any dampening effect. Resulting natural improvements in timbre, response, intonation and power are further enhanced by the Olegature s fine-tuning ability

305-027G : Ligatures Fits:

Bari alto sax metal (Hawk II) - 7

Bari soprano sax metal (Hawk) -16

Bari tenor sax metal (Hawk II) - 7

Beechler alto sax metal

Berg Larsen tenor sax metal (old) - 7

Dukoff soprano sax metal

Guardala alto sax metal

Jody Jazz soprano sax metal

L.A. Sax soprano sax metal

Meyer alto sax metal

Morgan alto sax metal

Ponzol alto sax metal

Runyon alto sax metal Smooth Bore

Selmer soprano sax metal

SR alto sax metal

SR soprano sax metal

Wolf Tayne alto sax metal

Wolf Tayne tenor sax metal