Ridenour  T-54 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Ridenour T-54 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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The T-54 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Meticulously hand faced and voiced with the same skill and care as our professional bass, the T-54 is a breakthrough in price/quality. Besides playing and sounding great the T-54 allows educators to have a great mouthpiece for their beginning and advancing bass clarinets students that does not break the piggy bank if broken---saving many parents from sticker shock when they find their child has accidentally broken a two or three hundred dollar bass mouthpiece?? for which they are liable! Ouch!

No longer does the educator have to choose between risking an expensive hard rubber mouthpiece to give their young bass students a good start or just giving them an inexpensive, machine-made student mouthpiece and hope they don't get discouraged before they advance enough to move up to a better playing and sounding pro mouthpiece