Rousseau Jazz Metal Tenor Sax Gold Plated Mouthpiece

Rousseau Jazz Metal Tenor Sax Gold Plated Mouthpiece

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E. Rousseau Jazz Metal Mouthpieces

There are a wide range of opinions concerning metal mouthpieces but, considering that many great players, including Mr. Mule, performed differing kinds of literature on metal mouthpieces, the choice of materials is perhaps less critical than the design of the mouthpiece and player's ability to manage its tone.

E. Rousseau Jazz Metal mouthpieces allow the player to achieve a powerful tone with an excellent balance of edge and warmth. The low baffle and angled side walls guide the air to produce a a very consistent sound in all registers that almost never sounds harsh or too bright. These mouthpieces are designed to produce a clear and beautiful tone quality, and capable of tremendous volume of sound.

Each mouthpiece is 24 carat gold-plated and includes a superior quality ligature and cap.