Rovner Versa X-Series Eb Clarinet or German Bb Clarinet Ligature & Cap   X-1E

Rovner Versa X-Series Eb Clarinet or German Bb Clarinet Ligature & Cap X-1E

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The Versa-X is the latest in Rovner's line of Next Generation ligatures, featuring our patented Mass-Loaded Technology. Borrowing from its Next Generation forebears, it features Rovner's unique Resonating Ribs and takes the Mass-Loaded Legacy cradle up another notch. In fact, the Versa-X has the unique honor of earning two patents, since it also utilizes the flap design of the original Versa ligature. With the flaps over the cradle, you get a rich, dark, focused sound with evenness of scale and incredible ease of play. Tuck the flaps underneath and you get all this, plus even greater projection and a more brilliant tone. The choice is yours. The Versa-X is the ultimate in versatility. Designed for the musician, not the genre, the Versa-X can take you from the football field to your college audtion, from the Blue Note to Carnegie Hall!

What makes the Versa-X different from the original Versa? Well, it's a Next Generation product! That means it employs Rovner's patented Mass Loaded Technology, as evidenced by the new-style metal insert and the unique resonating ribs feature. And as a Next Generation product it's also been engineered to be a great value.

The Versa-X offers eXtreme performance, eXceptional resonance, eXacting intonation, and eXtraordinary Mass-Loaded Technology. It's the ultimate in Versa-tility...and it's only from Rovner!