Teacher Repair Kit by Ferree's Economy - Q31

Teacher Repair Kit by Ferree's Economy - Q31

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The Q31 Economy Repair Kit is for minimum repair emergencies. Take it with the band to the football game or parade. It can also be useful to the college music major. A lot of repair potential at a minimum price.


Cork Cement, Swivel Top Screwdriver, Cork Knife, Clarinet Pads, Sax Pads, Valve Springs, Special Pad Prick, Tapered Sax Neck Corks, Sax Felts, Sax Bumpers, Water Key Corks, Valve Cleaning Rod, French Horn Cord, Chain Nose Pliers, Spring Hook, Key Oil, Flute Pads, Water Key Springs, Pad Leveling Tool, Sheet Cork, Valve Stem Corks, Stainless Steel Round Springs, Flat Spring Screws, Pivot Screws, Thumb Rest Screws, Pad Cement, Cork Grease