Theo Wanne Alto Sax KALI Gold Plated Mouthpiece
Theo Wanne Alto Sax KALI Gold Plated Mouthpiece

Theo Wanne Alto Sax KALI Gold Plated Mouthpiece

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The KALI alto has an alive and fat modern sound. Its design is patented and its manufacturing process is patent pending.

The KALI alto mouthpiece makes an alto sound more like a tenor. It has clear sound with great projection, and its True Large Chamber give a fullness to the sound never before heard in an alto mouthpiece.

 Even though it is a brass mouthpiece, it is not brash or harsh. It is what the alto mouthpiece always wanted to be. It is an absolute joy to play!

 The KALI can both growl and sub-tone well. Its growl and edge come from a short high baffle similar to a Guardala Brecker mouthpiece.

 Its full sound is created by rounded sidewalls starting all the way to the tip and our True Large Chamber, like the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s. The use of a True Large Chamber is truly unique in a modern high baffle mouthpiece, let alone in an alto mouthpiece. It creates a fullness to the sound not heard in other contemporary mouthpieces. Our True Large Chamber is completely machined to extremely high tolerances for accuracy not possible with cast mouthpieces.

Theo Wanne's new True Large Chamber alto mouthpieces are breaking new ground. Large chambers have been widely explored in the history of tenor mouthpieces, but very little has been done with alto mouthpieces, until now.

Theo's new True Large Chamber alto mouthpieces open up a whole new world for the alto saxophone.



Excels in modern Jazz and Rock & Roll realms yet plays fantastic ballads due to its True Large Chamber. Very fat sound due to its very large and complex interior chamber. An alive and fat modern sound, with no thinness. Clear tone with great projection.


Short and high step baffle with our True Large Chamber. True Large Chamber gives a fullness never before heard in an alto mouthpiece. 


Revolutionary True Large Chambers - Huge!

Patented, state-of-the-art, interior design with rounded inner side walls.

Finish: Reticulated 24K Gold (standard) and Vintified (special order).

Serial Number: Includes specific run and individual mouthpiece number.

Pressure Plates: Includes both Alive Gold and Heavy Copper pressure plates and a precision screwdriver.

Ligature: Includes our patented integrated two-point contact Liberty Ligature and a precision hex-driver.

Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.

Bite Pad: User replaceable bite pads with varying hardness.