Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece
Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Designed to use soft reeds without sacrificing the sound quality of a stronger reed. With the same technical specifications as the B45, its wider tip rail offers a compact and centered sound. Medium-long facing. 193 tip.
Its thin tip rail makes it easy blowing. Medium facing. 184 tip.
Particularly suited for players preferring a wider tip. Same sound qualities as the B44 with a larger tip opening. Very responsive. Medium-long. 193 tip.
Recommended for classical and jazz musicians who prefer a wider tip opening. Produces a powerful sound. A favorite of jazz musicians. Large facing. 205 tip.
Produces a rich and velvety sound, even in the upper register. Large facing. 215 tip.

Cap and Ligature NOT included.