Yamaha Cust G-Serie Clarinet Ycl-Csgaii

Yamaha Cust G-Serie Clarinet Ycl-Csgaii

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The G series Custom Clarinets are the culmination of years of development and feature a new alternate Ab/Eb lever mechanism. The newest in the line of G Series Custom Clarinets are the "L" models which feature a low E/F pitch correction key.


The CSG is an entirely new kind of clarinet. Yamaha reanalyzed and reevaluated literally every single design specification until they had created an instrument that harks back to the tonal purity and natural resonance of aged grenadilla wood. There's less metal used on the CSG, so the whole body reverberates with sound, while the new bore, barrel, and bell shapes offer a tone of breathtaking richness and depth. The sound is warm yet has a clear focused center surrounded by a wealth of overtones, resulting in extraordinary beauty and expressivity. And the tone projects with remarkable ease in even the largest concert halls. There's never been a clarinet like this before.

Level Custom
Fingering Boehm
Key System 17 keys, 6 rings
Barrel Length 56.5 mm
Body Material Grenadilla
Barrel Material Grenadilla
Bell Material Grenadilla (no metal bell rim)
Key Material  
Plating Silver (YCL-CSG/A); Hamilton (YCL-CSGH/AH)
Bore Machined and polished
Tone Holes Tapered integral type with hand-sculpted undercut
Thumb Rest Fixed
Mouthpiece Yamaha 5CM Ebonite
Mouthpiece Cap Silver-Plated
Ligature Silver-Plated
Spring Type Blue steel needle
Pad Type Combination of cork, synthetic and leather pads
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