Yamaha Plastic Alto Sax 3C Mouthpiece Model YAC1285

Yamaha Plastic Alto Sax 3C Mouthpiece Model YAC1285

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Yamaha has prepared an array of top-quality woodwind mouthpieces to meet the musical requirements of players at every level of proficiency in every genre.

Yamaha mouthpieces are made of plastic or hard rubber. Both are designed to produce a well-balanced tone with all the flexibility the player requires.

Tip openings
Tip openings range from 3C (the smallest) to 7C (the largest), giving the player different options and playing characteristics to choose from. Wider tip openings provided consistent intonation and easy response, generating a good, clear tone. Narrow tip openings help the player achieve a more focused sound with greater volume and projection while providing a richer tone quality and easier vibrato.

Face length
Yamaha mouthpieces also feature different facing lengths. Longer facings create a robust sound while being very flexible and easily controlled. In contrast, shorter facing lengths produce a brilliant, clear sound but have reduced flexibility and are more difficult to control.

Overall construction
Yamaha mouthpieces are designed in consideration of each of the above features and are combined with an appropriate throat size, chamber size and shape, baffle shape and angle, bore size, window size, and facing curve depth. An inspection after every step of the manufacturing process ensures that the mouthpiece can be relied upon with confidence.

Eb Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces
Model Number Material Tip opening (in mm) Facing length
(in mm)
Playing Charateristics
YAC 1285 3C plastic 1.5 23 Suitable for beginners, helps bring out distinctive, clear sounds with good response in high and low registers
YAC 1286 4C plastic 1.6 23 Easy to obtain a balanced, clear, and focused tone in any octave, ideal for professionals and beginners
YAC 1287 5C plastic 1.7 23 Provides a somewhat richer tone with greater variety of colors than 4C and excellent flexibility and response. Popular with soloist
YAC 1288 6C plastic 1.8 23 Powerful volume and rich tonal variations, excellent for experienced players

Cap and Ligature NOT included.