Yamaha Cornet Mouthpiece - Long Shank - Standard Series

Yamaha Cornet Mouthpiece - Long Shank - Standard Series

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The Difference Between Mediocrity & Mastery

A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more than an add-on or accessory. It is a vital part of your instrument. As interface between artist and instrument, it can mean the difference between mediocrity and mastery

Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, our Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability. They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.

Standard Series (Long Shank)

Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
CR-6B4L 15.65 3.76 Small inner rim diameter. Suitable for playing high notes.
CR-7A4L 16.24 3.65 Fairly small inner rim diameter, but with outstanding flexibility.
CR-9C4L 16.28 3.65 Well-defined rim bite for easy, fatigue-free playability.
CR-11A4L 15.99 3.65 Piccolo trumpet mouthpiece with a CR shank, medium bore and shallow cup offers a bright upper range. Excellent for piccolo trumpet.
CR-11B4L 16.64 3.65 Medium bore with a shallow cup offers bright and rich upper range. Well-suited for piccolo trumpet.
CR-11C4L 16.46 3.65 Standard type for players from beginner to advanced.
CR-13B4L 16.63 3.65 Bright tone suited to large bands and ensembles.
CR-14A4aL 16.68 3.65 Fast-response high range and powerful sound. Well-suited for piccolo trumpet.
CR-14B4L 16.85 3.65 Outstanding overall balance for all genres.
CR-15C4L 16.98 3.65 Bright, powerful tone. For advanced players.
CR-16C4L 17.00 3.65 Large inner rim diameter and medium cup for easy playability over a wide range.
CR-17C4L 17.30 3.65 Ideal for orchestra players who prefer a large inner rim diameter.
  • *The last “L”: Long Shank